Cachuchas~ All of our hats/caps are handmade by indigenous communities in Mexico. Some of our hats have designs that have been hand embroidered onto them. Some have handmade bead work that has been stitched onto the caps. Others have fabric designs that have been made with a back strap loom (Telar de cintura) and then stitched onto the caps. The bead work on some of our hats comes from the Huichol communities from the West of Mexico. Regardless of the technique used, they are all UNIQUE and made by a partner artisan!

Handmade jewelry~ Huichol jewelry takes a single person hours and sometimes days to make. Our hand embroidered earrings also take days to make a pair. Every piece of jewelry we carry is unique!

Cosmetiqueras~ Our cosmetiqueras are hand embroidered using a Telar. They are soft, practical, durable, and beautiful. These make-up bags are great for traveling! Our Make-up Bags measure approximately  7" H X 9.5" L 

Passport Leather Travel Kits~ Our Passport Travel Kits are handmade with excellent quality genuine leather. The leather work was done by artisans from East Mexico. The embroidery was made by a Mayan indigenous group of women. Each kit comes with a leather passport wallet,  luggage tag, and keychain. Are you ready to explore the world with a Mayan style??