Our Clothes are 100% handmade by indigenous communities from different parts of Mexico. The artisans we partner with consider the clothing items they make "pieces of art". Each one of our products is unique! Colors may look similar but all our clothing items are different from each other due to their exquisite craftsmanship.

Jalapa Blouses~ Our Jalapa Blouses take a single person approximately two weeks to make. All thread is carefully stitched to represent the beauty and colors of nature, such as hummingbirds, a variety of flowers, birds, and other beautiful figures. The blouses are made of rayon and the thread is made of cotton. Make sure to look at the inside of the blouse to see all the work that goes into each one of our blouses!

Mexican Embroidered Dress~ Our dresses are embroidered with cotton threads on a "Manta" fabric. As well as with our Jalapa Blouses, all stitching figures are made by hand and not with a machine. It takes our artisans approximately one week to make each dress. 

Oaxaca Blouses~ Our Oaxaca blouses are light and great for traveling! They are all meticulously hand embroidered with cotton threads. These blouses are not only artisanal but also voguish!