Vestido Mexicano Bordado~ Our dresses are embroidered with cotton threads on a "Manta" fabric. All stitching figures are made by hand and not with a machine. It takes our artisans from 2 days to one week (approximately) to make each dress. 

Huipil Mexicano~ Our Huipil Dresses require an artisan's exceptional ability to embroider by hand and combine all colors beautifully. All our dresses are UNIQUE and carefully stitched by a Mexican artisan woman. Each huipil takes1-2 weeks to be made. The huipiles are made of manta fabric (100% cotton) with cotton threads. Make sure to look at the inside of the dress to see all the work that goes into each one of them!

*These dresses should be hand washed with cool water and hung up to air-dry. Do not soak or bleach.

Chest measurements for our blouses are as follows:

XS-18"19" in Wide

S-20"-21" in Wide

M-22"-23" in Wide

L-24-25" in Wide

XL-26-27" in Wide