Handmade Face Masks

Hand Embroidered Face Masks/ Tapa bocas~ These beautiful masks are made by an indigenous community in the south of Mexico and handmade with a sewing machine. 

They are all made with three layers (in order to make them as safe as possible) but don't worry, they are breathable and very comfortable! The two outer layers are made of manta fabric, which is the most traditional fabric in Mexico and is made of 100% cotton, which makes it an ecological alternative. The middle inner layer is made of polypropylene. The thread used for the embroidery is made of 100% cotton and the elastic bands are made of spandex wrapped in fabric made of polyester, nylon and/or cotton. These masks are approximately 7”W x 5”H.

*Because our masks are hand-made by individual people and of artisanal nature, there might be a variance in colors, designs, and sizes of each mask.

*Please wash before use and make sure to read care instructions included with your mask.

*These masks are not medical grade masks and are not intended as a replacement for the medical-grade personal protective equipment recommended to stop the spread of COVID-19.

*All sales are final and no returns are accepted for this product.