Leather Purses/Handbags/Portfolios~ Our leather bags are made by artisans who are at risk of extreme poverty. A nonprofit organization provided these artisans with materials, sewing machines and a consultation with a designer in order to design their line of products. All purses/handbags are handmade by this community of people, including the embroidery! 


Wool Purses/Handbags/Tote bags~ Our wool handbags are made by the Zapotec people with great skill and patience. First, the artisan makes the dyes from insects, rocks, and plants found in the area. Then, they place the wool inside of a stainless steel pot, add water to it, bring the water to boil, and add the natural dyes to it. After this, they dry the wool and weave the fabric using a rustic "Telar" (loom) to make the fabric of the purse. 

Purses Handbags~ Our Telar Handbags are made by Otomi and Mayan communities in the center and south of Mexico. They are made with cotton threads using a back strap loom. First, the artisans make thread balls using a wooden warper. Then, they move the thread balls to a wooden loom and set thread by thread on it until it is tight. Afterwards, the artisans begin weaving the fabric using a back strap loom, held on one side from the wooden loom and on the other side by their waste. Then, the artisans confection the long strap of fabric into handbags. Finally, they embroider the nature designs on the fabric, stitch by stitch.