Telar Blouse-M

Telar Blouse-M

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Blusa hecha con Telar~ Our telar blouses are made with cotton threads using a back strap loom. The artisan makes a long piece of fabric with a loom, then cuts the fabric and confections it into blouses. It takes our artisans approximately 3-days to 1-week to make a long piece of fabric, from which they can get 2-3 blouses. Working with a back strap looms is difficult and requires expertise, artistry, and lots of love and patience! Please measure one of your non-stretchy blouses so you know which size is right for you! 

Chest measurements for our blouses are as follows:

XS-18"19" in Wide

S-20"-21" in Wide

M-22"-23" in Wide

L-24-25" in Wide

XL-26-27" in Wide

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