Telar Blouse-M

Telar Blouse-M

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Blusa de Telar~ Our telar blouses are made with cotton threads using a back strap loom. First, the artisans make thread balls using a wooden warper. Then, they move the thread balls to a wooden loom and set thread by thread on it until it is tight. Afterwards, the artisans begin weaving the fabric using a back strap loom, held on one side from the wooden loom and on the other side by their waste. Finally, the artisans fold the fabric in half and confection it into a blouse by hand stitching the sides of it. It takes our artisan partners 24-40 hours (approximately) to make each blouse. Please measure one of your non-stretchy blouses so you know which size is right for you! 

Important Note: Due to the high quality of our blouses and the 100% artisanal process used to make each blouse, it is recommended that the blouse be dry cleaned only. If you decide to wash your blouse by hand with cold water and gentle soap, know that the blouse might shrink 10-15%, since our blouses have not been pre-washed. 

Chest measurements for our blouses are as follows:

XS-18"19" in Wide

S-20"-21" in Wide

M-22"-23" in Wide

L-24-25" in Wide

XL-26-27" in Wide

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